Percy cushion cover


. 45 x 45cm cushion cover

. Durable natural fabric composed of 55% linen and 45% cotton

. The cushion has a patterned front with a plain, neutral taupe back

. 100% made in the UK

All our colourful cushions are designed by us with love, and made by our dedicated team of printers and sewers.

 Percy Pigeon is pretty cool, with plenty of attitude. Arriving in the UK this year, we noticed a lot of chubby, well fed, English pigeons strutting around, so I took out my sketchbook and came up with this illustration.

Percy is versatile and looks cute with lots of our cushions, such as the mint + yellow 'Aztec Diamonds', yellow Falling Leaves', plus mint + yellow 'Wigwam' cushions....

For all cushion advice send Clair an email at and she'll get back to you with suggestions to help you choose a selection.

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